Hello! My name is Paige Klingsporn and I am twenty four years old. I love my awesome friends, family, God and my sweet husband that He placed in my life. I graduated from CBU, where the amazing professors in the graphic design program, helped me realize my passion and calling in life. While I was there, I picked up a camera again and fell in love. I started shooting my friends and family and realized that capturing people was the most fun thing I have ever consistently done. The most rewarding thing about being a photographer (and I'm sure every photographer agrees) is delivering the images and seeing your clients so pleased. I love making people feel beautiful by seeing them in a new light. After shooting models and a lot of studio images, I was asked by my good friends if I would capture their wedding day!  Although I was nervous, I'm so glad I said yes because that was the beginning of my interest and love for wedding photography. Capturing couples interaction with each other is a beautiful and unique experience every time and I find myself so happy being able to be a part of creating images that they will cherish and take with them to every home they have together. I believe my images are quality and unique because my sessions are a good mixture of posed and candid and I also really enjoy the post production part of this job. My work still has the quality of my editorial work and editorial photography, which is what I originally fell in love with. The clients, models, and couples I work with are so great and supportive with many word-of-mouth referrals. I feel so blessed. My work is always evolving and being inspired by new things and I hope you'll stick around to see the never ending journey. Thanks for following my page and supporting my work. Let's shoot!!